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  • The Yacht Club At Portofino
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  • The Fountain
  • Plaza on Brickell

  • At Florida Elite Group, we love relationship!
    Relationships fuse our values and performance with your expectations. By relationships, we aren’t just saying that we’ll remember your name. That’s natural. What we mean is that we'll remember your favorite spa treatments, your personal training preferences, and which nightclub guest lists you’re dying to get on.

    And since we love relationships, we understand that the best aren't one-sided. Our commitment in this relationship is to know how to turn your vacation fantasy into a reality. Because after all, your Miami experience isn’t just about a property rental. It’s about lifestyle. So save your time flipping through a yellow book, and sample Florida Elite Group Lifestyle Services.

    If you're visiting Miami, then we're open to a relationship. But first, let's get to know each other. Use the form below to describe your needs for your upcoming Miami vacation.
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    Exotic car rentals
    Dining Reservations (at our selected restaurants)
    Hair Stylist (private unit visit(s)
    Housekeeping services
    Jet ski rentals
    Limousine service
    Makeup Artist (private unit visit(s)
    Massage therapist (private unit visit(s)
    Nightlife (at our selected bars & night clubs)
    Personal Training
    Yacht rentals
    Yoga Training